The main goal of the Bed Breakfast Boat is to offer you a unique experience and add as much as possible to a wonderful stay in Amsterdam. This is done by offering you a very comfortable stay in a very special location with the best facilities possible. That's why you will find floor heating, a great shower, a Japanese toilet, a fully equiped kitchennette and a stereo and dvd system.

As part of a longlasting positive experience the Bed Breakfast Boat offers you a chance to minimize your carbon footprint while staying in Amsterdam. In order to do so you are offered:

* Solarpanels exclusively generating power for the Bed Breakfast Boat
* A Japanese toilet minimizing the use of toilet paper
* Bikehire
* Double glazing and thorough insulation
* Floor heating which minimizes gas usage
* Water saving showerhead

The Bed Breakfast Boat is equiped with an inverter reader giving you the chance to check the daily powerproduction of the Solar Panels.